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professional dairy creams

The sweet taste of success

Whether you’re in search of the perfect topping, a way to elevate your creation, or a surprising addition to your menu, you’ll find it here. We’re experts in what we do and we’re bringing the freshest dairy creams to the UK, without hydrogenated fat.


Partnering with Liasda-Ken, who specialise in the manufacturing of whipping creams and dairy blend toppings. Liasa-Ken has been working exclusively in bakery, patisserie and foodservice businesses for over four decades, and their secret to success is quality from beginning to end, sourcing the highest quality ingredients.


Launching in April: Ken Nata 38% & Ken Láctea Sugar.


  • Ken Nat 38% is 100% dairy cream, 38% dairy fat, no stabiliser required, same consistency every time, producing optimised yield. For use in whipping and cooking.