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Plant Based Whipping Crème

Naturally flavoured and boundlessly creative

Demand for plant-based products has skyrocketed in recent years, as a result the foodservice industry has been put under increased pressure to meet consumer expectations for dietary options such as dairy-alternative.

To help foodservice operators meet such demand, Rich Products – one of the UK’s leading suppliers of dairy-free toppings, creams and culinary solutions – is launching dairy-alternative Whipping Crème to the foodservice industry.

Created for chefs by chefs, Rich’s® Plant Based Whipping Crème is the result of extensive innovation and research. The multi-application Whipping Crème means operators can offer a range of sweet dishes and desserts with ease, from cakes through to sundaes and trifles. It’s also ideal for hot, creamy espresso-based drinks and the perfect topping for hot chocolates.

Rich’s® Plant Based Whipping Crème is a great dairy alternative, made with no trans-fat, cholesterol and contains only natural colour and flavours. The crème provides greater whip stability with longer shelf life than fresh cream.

The all-in-one solution for both sweet & savoury

Plant Based Whipping Creme Pack


Rich’s Plant Based Whipping Crème is a dairy-alternative crème that offers a variety of ways to add value to your dessert and cake offerings. It can be used in endless recipes. The difference between this product and other non-dairy creams is its superior stability, high overrun, great versatility and good cost benefit to operators.


Rich’s Plant Based Whipping Crème has a rich, dairy-like taste and creamy white in colour.


• Acidity resistant.
• Superior stability helps to lengthen your finished products’ shelf life and prolong your best look for better sales potential.


• 280% overrun means more servings per container.
• Looks, tastes and performs just like fresh dairy cream.


• Once opened, use within 3 days.

Pack Sizes

Rich’s Plant Based Whipping Crème is available in a variety of formats. Get in touch to find out more!

Why Choose Rich’s Plant Based Cooking Crème?


With two SKUs, Plant Based Cooking Crème and Plant Based Whipping Crème, you’ll never have the need for dairy cream again.

Plant Based Creme Smoothie

Healthier Option

Made from rice syrup, sunflower oil, palm oil and water, the significant health benefits include no trans-fat or cholesterol, less saturated fat, and fewer calories than dairy alternatives.

Plant Based Cooking Creme our

Endless Possibilities

Plant Based Cooking Crème can be used in an array of recipes including desserts and shakes, soups and sauces, curries and ready meals.

Dietary Satisfaction

The pioneering Cooking Crème offers a healthy, tasty alternative to liquid dairy products from skimmed milk to double cream.


Plant Based Cooking Crème performs at par or better than real dairy in taste test after taste test. This means there’s no need to make different versions of offerings for different customers.