Plant Based Cooking Creme

Plant Based Cooking Crème

Smooth in texture and irresistibly creamy

The trends are clear, British consumers are demanding cleaner label, plant based humanely sourced ingredients in their products. Dietary restrictions, including food allergies, Vegetarianism and Flexitarianism now apply to more than half of all consumers. Enter Rich’s Plant Based Cooking Crème, created for chefs by chefs.

Rich’s Plant Based satisfy most dietary restrictions and preferences. Our plant based cooking crème stands up to dairy in both taste and performance. Our crème wont split or scorch, and benefit from price stability and a longer shelf life.

Our cooking creme is delicious in endless possibilities, including but not limited to soups, sauces, dressings and desserts, with the flexibility to replace liquid dairy in most recipes and come with a whole host of benefits that dairy cant stack up too.

The all-in-one solution for both sweet & savoury

Plant Based Cooking Creme Pack


Rich’s Plant Based Cooking Crème is the ideal all-in-one product solution for both sweet and savoury applications. With a smooth texture and pleasant creamy note,  it is the preferred alternative to dairy cream for all cooking and pouring requirements.


Rich’s Plant Based Cooking Crème has a smooth, creamy, dairy-like taste. Unsweetened, and a neutral flavour allows chefs and home cooks to customise the finished product making it truly versatile.


• Acidity resistant.
• Alcoholic resistance – cold or hot applications without splitting.
• Heat stability: can be boiled.
• Reduction: less liquid loss and less time needed to reduce to a smooth consistency without lumps.


• Thicker consistency provides a superior and even coating for pasta and spaghetti.
• It’s dilutable! Plant Based Cooking Crème replaces multiple products – from double cream to skimmed milk – simply by adding water.
Type of dairy / Plant Based Cooking Crème replacement 
• Double Cream: Measure equal amount
• Single Cream: 3 parts PBCC + 1 part water
• Whole Milk: 2 parts PBCC + 1 part water


• Once opened, use within 3 days.

Pack Sizes

Rich’s Plant Based Cooking Crème is available in various sizes, get in touch to find out more!

Why Choose Rich’s Plant Based Cooking Crème?


With two SKUs, Plant Based Cooking Crème and Plant Based Whipping Crème, you’ll never have the need for dairy cream again.

Plant Based Creme Smoothie

Healthier Option

Made from rice syrup, sunflower oil, palm oil and water, the significant health benefits include no trans-fat or cholesterol, less saturated fat, and fewer calories than dairy alternatives.

Plant Based Cooking Creme our

Endless Possibilities

Plant Based Cooking Crème can be used in an array of recipes including desserts and shakes, soups and sauces, curries and ready meals.

Dietary Satisfaction

Our pioneering Cooking Crème offers a healthy, tasty alternative to liquid dairy products from skimmed milk to double cream.

Plant Based Creme Dessert


Plant Based Cooking Crème performs at par or better than real dairy in taste test after taste test. This means there’s no need to make different versions of offerings for different customers.