Creative. Fast-paced. Complex. These are the things that make the food industry so exciting. But with that energy comes change…

Rich’s, also known as Rich Products Corporation, is a global leading family-owned food company working closely with manufacturers around the world, helping them to stay competitive and adapt to change, no matter where the market moves.

From cakes and cookies to icings and toppings, Rich’s products are used in restaurants, coffee shops, supermarkets, cafés and bakeries around the world. Beyond great food, Rich’s are also leaders in market insight and innovation, inspiring customers to stay ahead.

In the UK, Rich’s is a leading supplier of dairy-free toppings, creams, and culinary solutions to the manufacturing industry. Rich’s products can be used for hundreds of applications and recipes, enabling customers to keep their ranges fresh and exciting.

Infinite Possibilities

Plant Based Cooking Creme

Smooth & Irresistibly Creamy

Perfect for

  • Quiches & Flans
  • Curries
  • Pasta Sauce
  • Lasagne
  • Dips

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Plant Based Crèmes


Perfect for

  • Sundaes
  • Trifles
  • Mousse
  • Custards
  • Cakes
  • Coffees
  • Hot Chocolates

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Taking the free-from market by storm

With half of UK adults (49%) choosing to avoid certain foods or ingredients, and 39% regularly buying free-from food and drink[1], Rich’s has just launched the UK’s first complete liquid dairy free alternative to the food manufacturing market.

Created by chefs, Rich’s® Plant Based Cooking Crème is the result of extensive innovation and research, and has been designed to help food manufacturers meet the changing dietary needs of a growing free-from population.

Why Choose Rich’s Plant Based Cooking Crème?


With two SKUs, Plant Based Cooking Crème and Plant Based Whipping Crème, you’ll never have the need for dairy cream again. Available in 1kg cartons, 12kg Bag in Box, and 1000kg IBC.

Plant Based Creme Smoothie

Healthier Option

Made from rice syrup, sunflower oil, palm oil and water, the significant health benefits include no trans-fat or cholesterol, 89% less saturated fat, and 12% less calories than dairy alternatives.

Plant Based Cooking Creme our

Endless Possibilities

Plant Based Cooking Crème can be used in an array of recipes including desserts and shakes, soups and sauces, curries and ready meals.

Our Markets

Dietary Satisfaction

100% vegan and allergen free, the pioneering Cooking Crème offers a healthy, tasty alternative to liquid dairy products from skimmed milk to double cream.

Plant Based Creme Dessert


Plant Based Whipping Crème performs at par or better than real dairy in taste test after taste test. This means there’s no need to make different versions of offerings for different customers.

Culinary Solutions

Culinary Solutions

Mix, stir, fold, whizz… Plant Based Cooking Crème replaces liquid dairy in ANY recipe

Nutrition & Handling

Download our nutrition and handling guide for Plant Based Cooking Crème.

  • VeganVegan
  • Gluten FreeGluten Free
  • Dairy FreeDairy Free
Cooking Guide

Plant Based Cooking Crème Nutrition & Handling Guide


With 30% less fat than double cream, plant based cooking creme is a winning choice for today’s consumers.

The numbers speak for themselves

54% of consumers prefer free-from products with additional health claims

25% of sales of free-from food and drink are projected to grow by 2022

49% of UK adults avoid certain foods ingredients

18% UK adults reporting dairy avoidance in their household

“We have worked hard to create a truly exciting, versatile dairy free product that manufactures can use for a host of tasty recipes, from soups and sauces through to dressings and puddings.”

James Parker, Development Chef At Rich’s

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