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Meet the Team



“My role as Shift Manager is to coach and develop my team to deliver the Businesses KPI’s in the most productive way, with the vision to achieve a fully autonomous team that deliver results that exceed our customers expectations. The main part I enjoy about my role is working with all my team and colleagues that promote the positive can do culture that Rich’s value.”

Mark Barnard

Shift Manager

Great things

Cake Gemma Green

“My role as Experience and WOW Ambassador is to help create an environment in which all associates feel they belong, are actively engaged in the business and feel part of the Rich family. One of the great things about working here is the autonomy you have and the chance to make a difference.”

Gemma Green

Experience and WOW Ambassador


Bun Martin Dearlove - Commerical Controller Rich Products

“My role as Commercial Manager is to ensure that our business grows in line with the strategy by using our innovative ideas and facilities to give our customers the full Rich experience. Working closely with our customers is one of the most exciting parts of my role as I get to understand their needs and ways of working to deliver a great customer experience.”


Commerical Manager



“Rich’s is a dynamic working environment and my passion is making sure all our associates are safe when they come to work. I love working together as a team to understand their challenges and develop solutions that will make their jobs safer and easier.”


Health and Safety Manager

Our Teams of Expertise


With a state of the art new factory and a portfolio of such high quality bakery products, Operations are the engine room of our success. They make the good stuff happen. From goods in, through production and out to customer stores, Operations ensure we manufacture great products every time that delight our customers and their shoppers.

We have some of the best bakery manufacturing facilities in the world and our Operations team are hands on, dedicated and passionate to produce consistent baked goods every day. With a wide variety of roles and the opportunity to progress through manufacturing and into management, Operations can provide the best home for ambitious, talented Associates who care about giving the consumer fantastic bakery products every time.


Marketing are the best team at Rich’s. Of course we would say that, especially on a website we manage! Creativity runs across the Rich business, from Operations and Engineering to Finance and Development. The Marketing team acts as a forum to bring our combined business expertise together in clear messaging for Associates, customers and the wider trade audience.

We are the market knowledge base of the business, helping to understand consumer behaviour, shopper profiles, retailer performance and areas of opportunity and innovation white space. We feed our knowledge into both customer planning and corporate strategy. We also look after our corporate identity and brand partnerships, building PR, communications and brand plans to raise our profile as a business and provide the tools to the Commercial team so they can sell more lovely baked stuff.

People Support

People Support is actually, truly the best team in Rich’s – we recruited the marketeers! Keeping the business going and ensuring that we have the right talent in the right positions are two of the key fundamentals of the PST, alongside helping to develop our people, leading organisational initiatives, keeping our Associates and visitors safe and secure and exciting everyone with a first class experience for working at Rich’s.

No two days are ever the same. We can be co-ordinating bakery lessons for our Associates and their families, conducting risk assessments and training guides, through to supporting managers in the recruitment processes for their new team members, supporting Associates through life’s challenges, dealing with the ever growing number of legal changes (including the word that should not be spoken… Brexit) are part of normal day to day matters. A sense of humour is essential as is the commitment to the business and our Associates, we are the beating heart of Richs UK and play a key role in ensuring that we keep the business running.


Our just-in-time ingredient supply chain planning makes our Warehouse a vital part of our business, delivering products to the manufacturing lines and ensuring efficiencies start at goods in. Our Warehouse team are a great group of Associates who enjoy the fast paced environment with a variety of skills in stock control, quality assessment and logistics, with a particular focus on safety as we move ingredients in and finished product out.


Our Procurement team source all our ingredients, services and hardware to ensure our high standards are maintained and costs are controlled effectively. Possessing an advanced level of negotiation skills is vital as the team handle a multi-£m spend, with contract renewals, ingredient supply chain management and cost mitigation part of the daily routine. Working with our Innovation team, Procurement also help source new suppliers or ingredients which allow us to push the boundaries of bakery innovation. They also sample and buy a lot of chocolate, which can only be a positive benefit to working in the team!

Customer Service & Planning

Our service excellence would be nowhere without our Customer Service and Planning team. Joining up the needs of our retailing customers with our manufacturing process, this team are masters as demand forecasting and production planning, with proactive support for our customers in assuring them on supply. An in-depth knowledge of how the whole business and our suppliers work is vital for our team to deliver the robust plans we need to be an efficient business. Our Customer Service and Planning team deals with some of the biggest UK and global retailers and we’re very proud that our historical service levels are seen as industry leading and a great affirmation of what a import role this team plays.


Our Technical team are the custodians of our food standards and safety, ensuring we produce the right products to specification and provide reassurance to our customers. The team are involved in the full launch process from innovation and ingredient approval to trials, life testing, process development and ensuring the products leaving our factory are the best they can be. Although our Technical team includes Associates with a wide range of academic and professional qualifications, it also provides foodies with an eye for detail and a passion for quality to immerse themselves in a world of great food.


We wouldn’t have any long term successes without our dedicated engineers ensuring our production facility runs smoothly. The nature of our production is such that some products may be made over a whole day – 24 hours sometimes – and we rely on our kit to keep making the goodies. A fast response from talented and skilled engineers is really important to keep the lines running. It’s a varied role with multiple activities during a typical day including planned maintenance and ad-hoc emergency repairs. Our team also help drive our profitability by identifying areas for production and mechanical improvements. They also get their own secret workshop tucked away next to the production hall!


Every day is different working within product development. Whether it’s liaising with key suppliers to find that next new trendy ingredient, working cross-functionally with the operational and technical teams scaling up recipes to factory trials or by putting ideas into practice in the development kitchen.

One of the highlights of NPD is really “wowing” a customer by showing products that are over and above what they were looking for, or a completely new to market concept that fills a gap they never thought was there! The greatest feeling however is the shared achievement with the team of seeing your product successfully launch.


The IT team strive to provide a first-class service to all Associates and external partners and are a surprisingly helpful bunch. We are responsible for the smooth running of all UK IT systems, security, infrastructure and telecoms as well as the production network and associated applications. Let us know what you need and we will be happy to help, day or night! Just remember to turn it off and on again first.


The finance team really are the stewards of the business. We act as business partners for all functions, helping to achieve budgetary control, attractive commercial propositions and a profitable and secure company. Far from being a stereotypical set of number crunchers, Rich’s finance team are a highly supportive and dynamic function, providing a range of services which match the fast moving nature of our marketplace and the flexibility we show across innovation and production. Of course, we still all love a good spreadsheet.


Our Commercial Team are at the coalface of delivering sales and growth to our business. Roles in Commercial are highly autonomous, as you take real ownership of your accounts and are trusted to deliver, so a passion for partnership working is absolutely key. The tools at your disposal are some of the best in the industry, from a state-of-the-art production facility to highly supportive, nimble teams helping you to deliver for your customers. No two days are the same – in fact the opportunity to influence and drive the direction of your customers means you have to be an expert not only strategic planning but also a quick response to ad-hoc requests. This is why the Commercial Team support each other with a great team atmosphere with a healthy environment of positive challenge. Everyone in the team has the ability to grow and develop, as you act a lead on your accounts in internal meetings, together with special projects you may be expected to head up and exposure to UK and US leadership teams in the development of your account plans. Taking the rough with the smooth, leading cross-functional projects and supporting your colleagues to succeed make our Commercial Team a dynamic and exciting place to be!

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